3 pivotal post-COVID changes institutions will navigate

COVID presented challenges for higher education, but it also opened up new ways of teaching and learning—what’s next for higher ed?
This global pandemic has accelerated the fires of change. Wise institutions and administrators will look to the horizon of opportunity ahead and use it as an impetus for…

2 key factors in higher ed’s digital transformation

The pandemic has upended the entire higher ed experience—here’s how to navigate continued digital transformation
While most industries are becoming increasingly digitized, higher education remains noticeably resistant to digital transformation. Although higher education offers some options for virtual learning, the majority of programs…

Higher ed’s essential role in upskilling and reskilling

Institutions of higher education have a chance to play a role in transforming the outdated perception of what college is through upskilling, coskilling, and reskilling.
There is a greater need than ever before to provide increasingly specialized disciplinary knowledge, coupled with advanced workforce skills, without diminishing the role and importance of a broad-based…

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