Design thinking can help build cross-university partnerships

The process of design thinking can be a a guide for adapting how we work, collaborate, and pursue new strategies at institutions.
Discussions of the redesign and reinvention of higher education are abundant. Inspired by the challenges of this past year, leaders across higher education seem preoccupied with two sets…

Higher education is facing an equity crisis

Students deserve an environment where they feel safe, supported, and learn from a population that reflects themselves--equity is essential.
Financial mismanagement and the student debt crisis are dominating headlines. The pandemic brought most classrooms off campus and into student, educator, and family homes.

How can higher ed fix troubling gaps in student support?

Nearly 80% of students considering discontinuing their studies believed institutions can do more to keep them enrolled with student support.
There exists a significant gap in critical student support services for at-risk and minority students at their institutions, according to a survey from Blackboard Inc., conducted in consultation…

How to choose the best third-party solution provider for your school

Third-party solution providers don't have to give higher-ed leaders more of a headache--the right one can decrease stress and boost productivity
More institutions are turning to third-party payment solution providers for processing and PCI compliance, which is a set of guidelines businesses must follow to protect customers and cardholders…

Leveraging digital testing to build student confidence

With digital testing, multiple data points become key to creating confidence in students and helping them achieve academic goals.
Year after year and in study after study, we see the same thing: Confident students are better students. But, as one student pointed out in a 2019 survey,…

Post-pandemic, where do education leaders go?

The pandemic sparked a crash course in online learning--and with it, myriad security concerns that education leaders are left to address
Education institutions have remained admirably fluid over the past year and a half through the rollercoaster of remote and hybrid learning and teaching environments--scaling systems, devices, and processes…

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