Higher-ed students say they need more flexibility

In a survey, students say they don't want to pay as much for online classes and they are seeking more affordability in higher-ed options
Students say flexibility in attending college classes and completing coursework is a critical need, and they also increasingly recognize the value of soft skills and credentialing, according to…

3 ways to personalize your digital PLN

Your digital PLN is essential to your growth as an educator--here's how to maximize it
I am currently in an online doctoral program at Winona State University. One of our recent discussion queries required answering the following prompt: "Share three pieces of your…

HyFlex: A model built for learners’ needs

The HyFlex course design is becoming more common in higher ed, due in part to its usefulness for adult learners
During the past year or so, and especially since the onset of COVID-19, I have been hearing more and more about HyFlex course design and delivery models. Educator…

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