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GiveCampus Offers Venmo and PayPal for Educational Fundraising

New payment methods on the GiveCampus platform are positioned to engage millions of donors across generations

GiveCampus today announced the ability for donors to seamlessly support their schools using Venmo and PayPal on the GiveCampus platform. By providing schools with access to two of the most popular and trusted payment platforms, fundraisers can more effectively engage millions of younger donors in philanthropy for education.

“Venmo has been at the top of many fundraisers’ wish lists for years because of its popularity with students and younger alumni,” said Kestrel Linder, co-founder and CEO of GiveCampus. “By offering PayPal and Venmo, we’re excited to provide donors with an entirely new giving experience that will help schools more effectively engage the next generation of philanthropists.”

Venmo and PayPal join a suite of streamlined payment options that makes GiveCampus the most popular online giving platform among educational institutions in the United States. Venmo, a service of PayPal, Inc., has more than 65 million active users and is particularly popular with Millennial and Gen Z users.

The addition of PayPal and Venmo to the GiveCampus platform helps remove the barriers that have made it difficult for schools and donors to leverage these payment options in the past. When accepting gifts made with Venmo or PayPal on the GiveCampus platform, schools are able to capture the same donor information they capture for gifts made with other payment options and they have access to all of the same reporting capabilities.

From the emergency funds needed to support student travel and remote learning needs during the pandemic to additional financial aid applications and lost sources of revenue, educational institutions are facing higher costs and a greater reliance on digital fundraising. GiveCampus has launched a series of significant upgrades to its platform over the last year to help schools close their funding gaps, including a new video communications tool and sophisticated wealth screening capabilities. As fundraisers increase their efforts to inspire donors, GiveCampus’s integration with Venmo and PayPal helps make it possible for donors to give with greater ease than ever before.

Schools can learn more and get started with Venmo and PayPal today by visiting this link.


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