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A few years from now, we may look back at 2020 and recognize a watershed moment for education. With many schools facing increasing danger from changing demographics, we’re at a point where some of the business models underlying higher education are going to start to shift.

At the same time, technology is changing not just how schools function on a institutional level, but how we approach education inside (and increasingly, outside) the classroom. Here are 7 trends to watch for in higher education in 2020.

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1. Schools will need to fight to enroll the students they want. There will be a drop in the number of available students over the next decade because of demographics in general, but this will be especially pronounced in the US because of the current foreign policy. The new hurdles and scary headlines have made coming to the U.S. for college significantly more intimidating and less appealing, which will dry up the pool of international students that has helped keep some schools afloat.

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