Terawatt is powering professional development with its online career development marketplace, focused on simplifying growth and change by using the best of education research, technology and the internet.  Terawatt’s platform connects students looking for career development to expert coaches and provides the necessary tools for great teaching, engagement and effortless learning.

“Career coaching was created to ignite a positive change and is widely regarded as a valuable career development tool,” stated Francie Jain, founder, Terawatt. “Terawatt allows professionals, coaches and employers a choice in how to best utilize coaching. We don’t espouse a theory, mandate a maximum group size, or have a perspective on what coaching tools are most effective. Rather, we created a marketplace where it is easy to find affordable coaching that works for you.”

Expert career coaches are hard to find and can be quite costly.  Terawatt allows users to leverage cutting-edge technology to connect with vetted career coaches who specialize in improving communication, problem-solving and managerial skills.  Terawatt supplies the supportive coaches and the engaging virtual courses, and students choose the subject, date and time.  All participants then meet up for a live and lively discussion designed to maximize cognition and retention.

For students looking for inspiration, growth and connection, Terawatt offers a safe and affordable solution.  Users can explore a range of virtual coaching sessions offered by vetted, best-in-class and user-rated professionals, share the coach’s market rate with other students, and experience a variety of courses taught by excellent coaches committed to effective group learning.

For coaches and growth leaders, Terawatt provides access to a global client base.  It offers best-in-class marketplace technology to fuel business growth and support coaches looking for additional marketing opportunities.  Specialists on Terawatt also have access to an extensive coaching community to inspire their own growth and improve their performance.

For more information about Terawatt’s courses, workshops and coaches, please visit https://goterawatt.com.

About Terawatt

Founded in 2017 and rebranded to Terawatt in 2018, Terawatt makes career development and personal growth easy and affordable.  We host live, virtual, group classes taught by vetted and talented coaches.  On Terawatt’s platform, all participants are virtual, students split a coach’s market rate, and all coaches teach their own content and insights.  For more information, please visit https://goterawatt.com.


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