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For college students and their families, a big question looms as to how schools will balance safety with education quality. But even as the fall semester approaches, the number of coronavirus cases is rising.

How does the change in COVID-19 cases affect student opinions about the upcoming fall semester?

To find out, we surveyed thousands of college students from across the country. They shared insight into what they think is a safe course of action for the upcoming fall semester.

Should College Campuses Reopen While COVID-19 Cases Are Rising?

A OneClass survey of 18,190 college students asked how students felt about returning to campus while COVID-19 cases are increasing. Respondents are all entering their freshman, sophomore or junior years at one of the 241 colleges and universities included in the survey.

Do students want to return to campus during a COVID-19 surge?

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For 74.9 percent of students, studying on campus is risky during COVID-19. These students are concerned about their safety and will only feel comfortable if effective protective measures are in place, or they will not be returning to campus while there is a risk of an outbreak. Just one-quarter of students say they will feel secure on campus no matter what.

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