At a time when college campuses are shifting to remote learning, how will they prepare incoming students for school? Online orientation could be the answer.

How campuses can plan for online orientation

At a time when college campuses are shifting to remote learning, online orientation could be the answer to how to prepare incoming students for school

The idea of online orientation for college students is gaining momentum. Colleges throughout the country have moved to remote learning to close out the spring semester in response to COVID-19 concerns. But it is already time to look ahead to the fall semester and how to accommodate new classes of first-year and transfer students.

Some schools begin new student orientation as early as April. With COVID-19 preventing a physical presence on campuses, student services personnel must problem-solve on how to shift to virtual campus tours and online orientation. In fact, some schools like the University of South Florida have already announced that their school orientation will be held online through August. Higher-ed personnel are also tasked with easing incoming and prospective students’ anxieties amid uncertainties surrounding the fall 2020 semester.

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Fortunately, online orientation isn’t a new concept. Many colleges already have all or part of their orientation process online, and we’ve had the opportunity to work with some world-class institutions on their online orientation curriculum.

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