Honoring Mental Health Month by Supporting Students in Need

A brain with a labyrinth illustrates the need for mental health support on campus.
As the coronavirus (COVID-19) quickly spread across the United States, millions of college students received an urgent, startling request: pack ... Read more

Telehealth grant opportunities for higher-ed institutions

Grants offer a great chance for colleges and universities to expand telehealth offerings and support students
Grant funding can be an excellent way for higher education institutions to lift pilot projects off the ground or enhance existing programs or services. College and university health…

5 things that are critical to student mental health during COVID-19

Students have been hit with a long list of abrupt educational and lifestyle changes thanks to COVID-19--here's how to support their mental health
COVID-19 has closed physical school operations and prompted policy makers, educators, students, and parents to mull what the fall may look like on campuses across the nation. But…

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