College students, especially those in Generation Z, struggle to pick a college major, increasing the time and cost associated with obtaining a degree, according to a study from Ellucian.

Many incoming students are not confident in their career path and nearly two-thirds of students say they feel overwhelmed by the process of selecting a major. This leads students to change their majors without understanding the ramifications–they wind up taking unnecessary courses and delaying their expected graduation, sometimes by multiple semesters.

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Students are looking for more support when choosing a major, selecting courses that work towards completion and transferring from a two-year to a four-year institution. While students most often turn to advisers for help, pathways approaches can simplify choices for students by providing structured, clear paths through college coursework and on to the start of their careers. Additionally, personalized technology tools can ensure that students have clarity into their individual goals and the requirements needed to achieve them.

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