‘Education Is a Human Thing’—but Covid-19 Will Push It Online

WIRED editor in chief Nick Thompson talks to robotics pioneer Sebastian Thrun about distance learning during the coronavirus crisis

“People often back to school during a recession. But what about when schools are closed? Many of those who have lost their jobs or are sheltering at home due to the global coronavirus pandemic are seeking out education online, and Sebastian Thrun expects this trend to continue long after the worst of Covid-19 has subsided,” reports Wired.com. “Known as the optimistic engineer who created Google’s self-driving car project, in recent years Thrun has become an advocate for online learning as co-founder and executive chairman of education platform Udacity. At a time when many industries are struggling to cope with lost business, Udacity and its peers are doing well. In just one week in March, Thrun’s company, which offers courses for adults in AI, data science, and business, signed up more students than it had in the second half of 2019.”

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