Leading tech trends have big implications for grads

This smart city illustrates how tech trends and data impact the marketplace and higher education.
As technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence evolve, students can look to tech trends--some emerging, some well-established--to explore paths of study leading to high-paying STEM…

Understanding adult learners is a major campus priority

Understanding adult learners, like these adult college students, is critical for colleges and universities.
Adults are quickly taking over a larger and larger part of the student population at colleges and universities--and understanding adult learners is key to institutional success.The idea of…

15 hard and soft skills today’s grads need to succeed

A spotlight on this employee in a sea of random employees highlights how soft skills such as creativity are important.
In today's competitive society, it's important for colleges and universities to produce graduates with hard skills such as programming--but equally important are soft skills, such as creativity. A…

Student segmentation could help your campus thrive

A strategy known as student segmentation could help campuses better serve diverse the students of tomorrow, like these students raising their hands in a lecture.
"Serving students with a single model developed over the course of previous centuries no longer works." And so begins The Future of Learners, a compelling report from Pearson and…

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