A teacher can teach with tech more effectively when learning how to use it right, like this teacher holding a tablet teaching in the classroom.

Online program helps improve how teachers teach with tech

An online certification focuses on preparing teachers to integrate digital tools and tech with purpose

[Editor’s note: This story originally appeared on the University of Michigan’s site and is reposted here with permission.]

Step into any K-12 classroom and chances are the students will at one point during the day be engaged with technology using a computer, tablet, or other device.

Yet those who lead these classroom activities often are the first to admit they haven’t a clue how to integrate digital tools in a way that effectively promotes learning.

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A new online certification program from the University of Michigan School of Education, developed in partnership with the U-M Center for Academic Innovation, offers current K-12 teachers, technology coaches and administrators the opportunity to learn how to effectively integrate technology into classroom teaching so that it adds value to learning.

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