The 10 most inventive cheating attempts on online exams

5. Many students have also tried to swap papers with students in various years, at different universities using eMail or MSN.

6. Not all can do wonders with their IT skills. Some goof up big time. For a simple college assignment that required him to write a simple java applet that displays three colored bars in a graph, George (whose name has been changed) re-submitted a student’s assignment from last year. Everything was going smoothly, until the code was run. Displayed in bold letters at the top was “Stella’s Bar Graph.”

7. Most interesting and innovative example of cheating in exams where calculators are allowed comes from engineering colleges. An engineering student implanted a smartphone inside his calculator and accessed Google to get the answers. A few other engineering students confessed to using graphic calculators that have a section where one can type out notes. They used that section to write in complex equations.

8. Recently in the news, some fifth-year medical students at Adelaide University allegedly breached the copyright notice by using university-provided iPads to capture and upload material about the exam.

9. During an exam, question papers were placed on the desks in a classroom. Two students sat a couple of seats away from each other so that they had the same version of exam. Both took the exam, then one student (who apparently wasn’t registered in the class) handed off his exam to the other student, who then compared the two exams and handed the one in that the other student had written

10. As the cheat sheet system and micro-xeroxes became less popular, students started writing on their body parts. After getting repeatedly caught for writing down the notes on her hands, ankles, fingers, and palms, a student named Sheila started taking advantage of her long, dense hair to hide cheats.

This post originally appeared on Mettl’s blog.