Teachers have always competed for their students’ attention, but that competition is now fiercer than ever. Children as young as kindergarten are able to use mobile devices, so naturally their expectations are going to be incredibly high when it comes to the technology integrated into classrooms. A chalkboard or whiteboard just doesn’t cut it anymore. Luckily, educators are now armed with more tools and collaboration technology than ever before to maintain student attention and deliver memorable lessons.

What if in physics class, for example, you could not just write out formulas, but also seamlessly use the same device to show actual video of those formulas in use, such as rocket launches? You’re not going to get that kind of engagement with a whiteboard.

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Fortunately, the latest wave of collaboration technology is making it easier than ever for schools, colleges, and universities to integrate high-tech board solutions into their educational toolbox. These boards make multimedia learning as simple as buying a screen and putting it on the wall—as long as you look for an all-in-one bundle.

About the Author:

Chris Feldman is a product manager with NEC Display.