A bored and distracted student shows why it's important to have strategies for battling student distraction.

Use these strategies to fight student distraction

Personalized learning and gamification are a couple strategies used in battling student distraction

Battling student distraction is a real–if not new–thing. While it’s always been challenging to ensure students are engaged in learning, the increased use of laptops and smartphones offers more opportunities to veer off-task. But increased classroom technology also offers more opportunities for instructors to keep students engaged.

A 2018 survey found 87 percent of people think students are distracted now more than ever before. Of professors using technology in the classroom, 85 percent are hoping to improve engagement, and 51 percent say their biggest teaching challenge is students not paying attention or participating in class.

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But instead of blaming technology as the culprit, what if educators could turn technology distractions into learning opportunities? That’s exactly what some forward-thinking professors are doing as they’re battling student distraction.

This resource from Top Hat offers some insights into battling student distraction:

1. Personalize learning: Allow students to drive the personalization of their learning by choosing their assignment topics, pursuing curiosities sparked in class, and sharing and collaborating with their peers. When technology is applied, these projects become more meaningful because they can be shared with a wider audience through social media, video content, blogs and podcasts.

Laura Ascione