As we all know, technology is constantly evolving, leading to advancements in higher-ed edtech.

These advancements have a big impact on teaching and learning, on efficiency in higher ed, on policy, and on instructors’ ability to personalize instruction for students.

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Here are some of the most interesting developments in higher-ed policy and technology from the past couple weeks.

1. From MarketScale

After nearly 200 years in existence, Green Mountain College in western Vermont is no more. The same goes for Southern Vermont College, the College of St. Joseph and Atlantic Union College. All of them, gone. The fact that some smaller colleges come and go should surprise nobody. Change is inevitable in any industry, and higher education is no exception. But I believe there are more fundamental issues at play with these recent closures. As we look toward 2020, we are hearing that many traditional colleges and universities — unable to adjust to technological and other socioeconomic changes — will essentially go out of business. 

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