These innovative tools can help college presidents model and drive success across an institution.

5 things college presidents need in their toolbox

These innovative tools can help college presidents model and drive success across an institution

Today’s job market is changing so dramatically due to technology that by 2030, 40 percent of Americans could experience significant contraction in their occupations. What’s more, 8-9 percent of the jobs that will exist then don’t yet exist. These changes have big implications for college presidents.

This dynamic presents a challenge for higher education institutions–and particularly for college presidents and provosts–who are charged with the leadership responsibility of attracting and preparing their students to become contributing members of the future workforce.

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Fortunately, there are new tools and technologies designed to help them stay ahead of the curve and maintain relevance into the future. Here are five innovative tools that should be in today’s college president’s toolbox for driving both student and overall institutional success.

Proactive career readiness

Whether attending a four-year public or private institution or a community college, students often still declare a major based on a “gut feeling” of where their interests coincide with an academic track. This is particularly common in the humanities, but STEM students also may not have a realistic idea as to where their degrees will take them professionally. And while college is still largely viewed as an important maturation stage and growth experience, that is no longer enough by itself. Both students and their families expect more–they expect graduates to be qualified to pursue their career goals.

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