This infographic breaks down the top 10 worst data breaches

Cybersecurity education is more essential than ever in light of the growing threat of data breaches from hackers.
Cybersecurity education is increasingly important in a tech-based world, and for good reason. Some of the worst data breaches have exposed exceptionally sensitive information and have higlighted the…

Veterans say non-degree credentials pay off

A survey of more than 30,000 military veterans shows that they value non-degree credentials--here are 4 ways to better recognize new credential pathways, like this military army veteran holding a laptop.
Veterans without degrees are much more likely to hold non-degree credentials than their non-veteran peers, according to a survey. Those non-degree credentials provide meaningful financial returns: veterans with…

5 things impeding students’ ability to choose a college major

A survey shows students have trouble picking and sticking to a college major, leading to extended time and money spent earning a degree.
College students, especially those in Generation Z, struggle to pick a college major, increasing the time and cost associated with obtaining a degree, according to a new study…

6 new findings about food insecurity on campus

A man peers into the fridge and sees only an apple. A new report details the variables that influence how food insecurity can fluctuate for many college students.
Rising tuition and massive student loans are regulars in news headlines, but a lesser-known plight is plaguing students at campuses across the nation. Food insecurity is an increasingly…

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