A new survey shows just how essential video education continues to be, now and in the future.

4 reasons video in education is critical for the future

A new survey shows the increasing expectations and long-term impact around using video in education

In the coming years, students say using video in education will play a large role in personalized and self-paced learning, along with helping prepare for success in the workforce, according to a new report.

Kaltura surveyed more than 1,400 international educators and students for the report, which explores the use of video in education today, the impact video is having on students’ learning progress, and how they anticipate the role of video in education will change in the future.

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Students voiced growing expectations for how video will be incorporated into the classroom, and 98 percent of survey respondents see video, and in particular, interactive video and video paths, as critical components in personalized and self-paced learning, some of the growing trends in education.

Laura Ascione

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