Soft skills are important, but they doesn't leave students in some college majors feeling confident about employment.

Which college majors offer solid employment prospects?

A new analysis sheds light on the college majors that leave students feeling most confident about employment and their future

This month, incoming college freshman will tackle their first on-campus experience: orientation. As students register for classes and contemplate college majors, data from the Cengage Student Opportunity Index sheds light on how recent and upcoming graduates are faring.

According to the Index, graduates in business and hard sciences such as STEM, healthcare, and biosciences are bullish about their job opportunities and economic outlook, while humanities and social sciences majors are less optimistic about their futures.

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“It’s important that students understand how the decisions they make now may impact their lives long after graduation, such as how much debt to take on and job prospects. While the Index shows Humanities majors feel more uncertainty about their futures than other majors, the liberal arts cultivates skills like critical thinking and effective communication. These soft skills or uniquely human skills are key to workplace success, and graduates who demonstrate strength in this area will have an advantage,” says Michael E. Hansen, Cengage CEO.

Laura Ascione