This lightbulb and brain highlight the idea of higher-ed innovation.

3 examples of higher-ed innovation

Finding the next big trend isn't as important as identifying how higher-ed innovation can help students succeed--here are three ways innovation is working today

Innovation, innovation, innovation. Higher-ed innovation is a much-loved phrase, and it’s also something academic leaders strive to define and embrace.

But how, exactly, do you define higher-ed innovation when it can look different depending on your place in academia? It’s often difficult to keep momentum going in higher-ed innovation, and innovation for innovation’s sake won’t necessarily help if student success isn’t at the forefront of innovation initiatives.

Here are three examples of where higher-ed innovation stands today–it is found at all levels and in all departments, and these examples just might inspire you to think about innovation from a different point of view.

1. Castle Rock, Colorado, is one of the fastest growing cities in the state, with 19.5-percent growth in the past six years. Previously, 80 percent of residents commuted outside the city for work; however, citizens in Castle Rock and greater Douglas County, Colorado, have a newfound commitment to transform the city into a standalone community that offers residents an abundance of career opportunities.

Laura Ascione