An educational simulation is helping college students face real-world scenarios.

Educational simulation helps students tackle real challenges

Students are thrown into real-world scenarios with ViewPoint, an educational simulation tool from the University of Michigan

Over the course of two weeks, one group of University of Michigan students was tasked with fighting the opioid crisis. During the semester, another class determined the fates of students seeking admission to universities. A third group at the Ross School of Business found out what it was like to be ambushed by media during a business crisis.

Though their work was hypothetical, a simulation tool brought these situations to life.

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ViewPoint is a digital educational simulation tool that allows educators to make and implement simulations in the classroom. Students are assigned roles to play and are given information about the characters they’re representing.

They then use ViewPoint to look over the simulation content, communicate with other participants via email or tweet-style updates, and help make decisions that determine the progression of the simulation. Real-time updates or breaking news delivered by facilitators on ViewPoint add complications to the educational simulation.

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