A magnifying glass over the word "transparent" illustrates the idea that digital credentials need more transparency.

Digital credentials need more transparency

Through a partnership, education leaders could reach a more agreed-upon shared vision of digital credentials

A partnership between two groups aims to advance new interoperability and transparency standards for digital credentials and institutional data systems.

As part of the agreement, IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS Global) and Credential Engine will build interoperability between IMS Global’s widely-adopted standards and Credential Engine’s Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL), which is a common language that enables credential issuers to publish data and information on the content and value of digital credentials to the public Credential Registry and the open web.

Already, a combined 12 states and regions, nearly 400 credential providers, and several federal agencies have joined this cloud-based library that makes information such as competencies, cost, quality assurance, earnings, and connections to occupations, and pathway information searchable to the public.

“To address emerging skills gaps in the new world of work, employers and learners alike need agreed-upon digital representations of competencies, achievements, and credentials,” says Dr. Rob Abel, chief executive officer of IMS Global.

Laura Ascione

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