Increased student stress has led to increased student mental health apps.

4 student mental health apps to ease stress

As more and more students report increased anxiety and stress, colleges and universities are responding by creating or curating lists of student mental health apps

More colleges and universities are turning to technology–including web portals and student mental health apps–to address anxiety, mindfulness, and well-being.

The YOU at College portal is one such resource for student mental health. Created by Grit Digital Health and Colorado State University (CSU), the well-being web portal promotes student mental health, health, and success. After its fall 2015 launch at CSU, 81 percent of surveyed first-year students said they felt they were better able to manage their stress because of the YOU tool.

The portal is customized for each individual campus and personalized to the specific needs of each student. It proactively focuses on three critical areas of student life: academics, physical/mental health, and purpose/connection. Students create a confidential profile and receive content and information on available campus resources that help them navigate the college experience according to their individual needs.

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YOU at College has been adopted by 22 schools, including Coastal Carolina University, South Dakota State University, Connecticut College, and Loyola Marymount University.

“Like so many schools across the country, we’ve wrestled with an increased student need for mental health services,” says Dan Bureau, associate vice president for student success at the University of Memphis, which uses the YOU portal. “In just its first three months, more than 1,060 students, faculty and staff took advantage of the resources available on YOU at Memphis. We believe this platform will be a factor in helping our students be successful and realize their academic, career, and psychosocial goals.”

Laura Ascione

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