Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, announces partnership with Miami Dade College.

New partnership between Miami Dade College & Facebook focuses on real-world skills

Miami Dade College has partnered with Facebook to launch a digital marketing certificate program

Partnering with a global company

Rodriguez identifies several advantages to colleges when they partner with a company like Facebook:

  • Teach in-demand skills. As social media and digital marketing are an integral part of society, students can sharpen skills that employers want.
  • Strengthen community ties. Local businesses can gain tools to connect and engage with their customers. “The bulk of businesses in Miami are family-owned. For a lot of these small businesses, [these tools are] not second nature.”
  • Boost employment prospects. Students will get real-world experience so that they will be ready to work and put their degrees to good use immediately upon graduation. “Facebook understood where we’re coming from—giving our students a quality education, but also a skill-based education that lets them run with it the moment they finish the program,” Rodriguez says.

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