A groundbreaking portal takes research to the next level

Ohio’s new portal links industry and universities to spur innovation

Behind the scenes
To develop the Ohio Innovation Exchange portal, the Ohio Department of Higher Education contracted with a company called Digital Science. Digital Science offers an information research management program called Symplectic that helps researchers and institutions manage and showcase their research.

The department identified the types of information it wanted to collect and invited institutions to submit their information to Digital Science for inclusion in the portal. The $1.5 million project took about 17 months to complete.

As of press time, the portal contained information about more than 13,000 faculty members and research projects from Akron, Case Western Reserve, Cincinnati, Cleveland State, Ohio State, and Ohio universities. The project will continue to expand as other institutions are invited to participate.

The portal launched in October, and the response among faculty and institutions has been very positive so far, according to See. As he says, “We think this can be an economic driver that benefits both industry and higher education.”

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