Better Teaching Thru Tech

VR packs a powerful punch in learning

Tech-enriched teaching can make all the difference

Ideas for using VR in class

  • Do you teach biology? Take them on a tour of a virus or a cell.
  • Are you a professor in the arts? Visit street art around the world or the Royal Shakespeare Company.
  • Are you a guidance or career counselor? Bring your students to Berklee College of Music or meet a robotics engineer or female firefighter in NYC.
  • Astronomy professor? Send your students on the Juno mission to Jupiter or to experience the aurora borealis.
  • Professors of education can build lessons with your students so they can teach elementary students about animal camouflage or take children on a tour of the Aztec and Mayan pyramids.

There are hundreds of Expeditions and more are added every day. The guided experience is the best. As a guide, you can have your students join your Expedition during which you can point out notable sites.

For those of us who can always use a little questioning help, Expeditions provides prompts and background about the Expeditions based on student levels. I used it with my students and during our “climb” of Mt. Everest we discussed the cultural and environmental implications of this kind of tourism. My students engaged in great conversation about what they saw, but for me the real power came from my teacher-candidate students discussing how they will use Expeditions in their classrooms.

With or without VR glasses, using Google Expeditions in your classroom is a terrific experience.

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