The Fischer Engineering Design Center is a lab containing everything students need to bring their ideas to life: 3D printers, computer-controlled cutting machinery, a metal shop, an auto shop, fabrication tools, and more.

Students can book time in one of the huddle rooms, located throughout the building, with the EngiNEAR Me mobile app. Each huddle room contains a monitor with wireless projection capability in addition to a desk and whiteboard.

The building contains an engineering art collection, all based upon engineering principles, equations, and technology, designed to encourage creativity. The colors on this display are generated from real-time occupancy data inside the building. All of the art is to help students connect innovation and creativity in all forms.

Check out Texas A&M’s new engineering complex

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Tech Deck boasts city views, outdoor wi-fi coverage, and green space.

The outside features plenty of open green space with wi-fi coverage.

Here’s one of 50 engineering equations that are etched into the brickwork outside. The college will offer tours of the equations explaining their significance.

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