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Here’s how technology is revolutionizing the student experience

At the Ohio State University, an ever-improving digital initiative is meeting students where they are in order to take them to the next level

The secret of any successful technology initiative is that it is not, in fact, a technology initiative–it is a student success initiative.

Spurred by students and parents who are increasingly focused on a return on educational investment, or success after graduation, colleges and universities are implementing initiatives intended to help students enter the workforce with the most up-to-date hard and soft skills possible.

The Ohio State University (OSU) is one such institution. OSU has launched a strategic digital learning initiative to help students learn technology and coding skills for academic success and career readiness.

The Digital Flagship Initiative gives students in-demand skills and meets students where they are in terms of technology use.

Part of that initiative is an iPad for each of the 11,000 first-year students at OSU’s Columbus and regional campuses, with a growing number of courses requiring the tablets.

Laura Ascione