Nurturing online students
For online learning to continue to reach its potential, personalized support and guidance are essential. Many online students are stepping back into school after several years and need personalized resources and support to help them succeed. From a strong faculty support network to student-success coaches and career advisors, universities that provide high-touch services throughout a student’s educational journey see the best student outcomes.

The ASU Online Student Success Center pairs each student with a personal success coach. They help to identify early warning signs and can quickly step in to provide support. Success coaches are a lifeline as these learners juggle life with studying and coursework. By proactively reaching out to students, based on specific behaviors and academic triggers observed in the digital classroom, our success coaches can quickly assist in overcoming obstacles and work to ensure online students stay on the path to graduation.

Partnering to produce a highly educated workforce
Creating new pathways to higher education through online learning is crucial to filling the demand for qualified workers. More than ever, individuals are looking to upskill or re-career and many believe that college is not available to them because it is unaffordable or because of prior academic performance.

At ASU, we’re working with partners such as Starbucks to build a highly educated workforce—qualified for future jobs we cannot even envision. Together with Starbucks, ASU offers the Starbucks College Achievement Plan to all eligible Starbucks employees to earn their bachelor’s degree online with full tuition reimbursement by Starbucks. We hope to graduate 25,000 Starbucks employees by 2025. To help reach this goal, and to make a college degree possible for Starbucks employees who are not currently academically admissible to ASU, we offer a Pathway to Admissions program that enables Starbucks employees to take online courses through our Global Freshman Academy; if they meet academic standards to prove they can succeed in university courses, they are admitted to ASU and the Starbucks College Achievement Plan.

Online learning allows universities to meet “new normal” students where they are—both academically and personally—with more degree specializations, new learning technologies, data analytics, and high-touch support so that each learner can complete a degree in a way that before was simply not possible.

About the Author:

Phil Regier is university dean for educational initiatives and CEO of EdPlus at ASU. EdPlus is a central enterprise unit for ASU focused on the design and scalable delivery of digital teaching and learning models to increase student success and reduce barriers to achievement in higher education.

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