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5 tips for the best ROI from mass notification systems

A survey shows how little campuses actually use mass notification systems, despite the tools' big potential

Many campuses lack safety measures such as mobile safety apps and anonymous reporting tools, according to a new survey that sheds light on mass notification systems and a number of holes in campus safety efforts.

Just 22 percent of campuses surveyed in the Rave Mobile Safety study offer the ability to submit an anonymous tip to authorities, despite gun violence and mental health being among institutions’ top security concerns (23 percent and 22 percent).

Ninety-six percent of students in higher education own a smartphone, yet only 38 percent of surveyed institutions offer a mobile safety app for campus communities. The remaining 62 percent of campuses may offer apps soon, the survey notes, because 45 percent of respondents say they are researching or already are implementing a safety app.

Campuses should act quickly to leverage students’ smartphone use and offer more safety tools via devices, experts say.

Laura Ascione

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