3 smart marketing strategies to boost student engagement and retention

marketing strategy
There’s a problem that every institution faces, no matter its level of size or ranking: keeping students engaged, excited, and, most importantly, enrolled. As increasing competition crowds the…

Campuses race to keep up with students’ bandwidth demands

wifi bandwidth
College students are eager for more bandwidth and connectivity on campus, according to an annual report measuring higher ed's internet offerings. One in three schools offer 7GB bandwidth…

How to better support international students

In 2012, the University of Delaware began an initiative to increase its international student enrollment and to develop tailored services for its international community. As a result, the…

Here’s what makes students 200 percent more likely to pass

digital learning
A new study indicates that students who engage with digital learning tools are dramatically more likely to pass their courses. The research comes from Blackboard, VitalSource, and the…

9 things your online learning program should know about students

online learning
Online students say tuition and fees are among their top three deciding factors when it comes to choosing an institution, according to a Learning House survey of 1,500…

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