This one-year-old bioscience incubator is already a success

ACC's Bioscience Incubator is a pipeline to biotech companies across the country

In its first year, Austin Community College’s (ACC) Bioscience Incubator (ABI) not only matched expectations, but exceeded them. More than 800 unique visitors from 10 countries toured the innovative space and more than 65 life science companies expressed interest in admission into ACC Bioscience Incubator. ABI has built a pipeline of biotech companies across the U.S.. There are currently nine member companies at the wet lab incubator with scientific projects ranging from environmental testing to new brain cancer therapeutics.

The Bioscience Incubator is accelerating Central Texas’ biotechnology economy by providing fully-equipped wet laboratory space and $1.2 million in biotechnology equipment to member life science companies while also training a highly-skilled workforce. The state-of-the-art, flexible facility moves technologies from ideas to products, allowing life science entrepreneurs to focus on innovation.

“This is innovation at its finest, which is what ACC is all about,” says Richard Rhodes, ACC president/CEO.

“The laboratory space at ABI is astounding,” says John S. Higley, CEO, principal scientist, Environmental Quality Operations (EQO). “EQO joined for access to wet lab space, and a few other items, but have been able to expand our service offerings and products substantially due to our ability to leverage additional equipment and expertise. This company would not be possible without the space and equipment offered by ABI.”

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