How to revolutionize video on your campus

Florida Atlantic University successfully introduced mobile delivery and provides meaningful metrics to faculty and staff

3 tips for deploying a video strategy

FAU’s transition to Mediasite was one of the smoothest implementations in which I have taken part. This was due to the flexibility and experience of the Mediasite staff as well as the dedication of the FAU team. If you are deploying a video strategy on campus, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  1. Define the scope. Defining the scope of a project is project management 101, and it was essential to this project as well. We knew where we were and had an idea of where we wanted to go, but defining our end goal made all of our communication much easier. In addition, we ran into some culture shock when deploying Mediasite. Mediasite is extremely flexible and offers many ways organize the data. (Our legacy provider offered only one way—whether it fit us or not.) Looking at Mediasite’s unrestrictive features in the early days was intimidating, so having our direction clearly defined helped us stay on track.
  2. Get faculty buy in. Another basic of project management is including users in the selection and design process. For us, it was a huge benefit to have their usage experience as well as their teaching experience. Because there are many ways to deliver a lesson, being aware of the different use scenarios was incredibly beneficial. One area that presented a challenge was the process to develop a content-retention policy. With the explosion of use that came with Mediasite, it became necessary to set limits for retention. That culture change met with some resistance. Fortunately, Mediasite analytics provide statistics on the views of each video. This assisted us in determining retention policy and calming faculty fears.
  3. Be flexible. Our media strategy is a work in progress. We are constantly experimenting and exploring new techniques for educational media. Mediasite allows this flexibility. It is important that you be just as flexible. Set a strong foundation by focusing first on your core needs. For FAU, this was getting the classroom lecture capture and desktop video capture software My Mediasite deployed. Next came live streaming and planning for community outreach. Going forward, we will add new material to highlight programs and focus on new presentation channels as we continue to grow.

FAU is ready for the future. We are not only enhancing our student success, but we are able to reach more students than ever before. Many classes capture their lectures for replay on-demand, and even more professors use video for supplemental instruction. Best of all, we allow students to consume material when, where, and how they like it. I could not imagine our university without this valuable tool.

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