How to harness the predictive power of e-learning platforms

E-learning platforms generate data that lets us determine which students will succeed

With enrollments increasing and costs soaring even more so, both universities and students are looking for a better knowledge experience. They demand a system that keeps students engaged, while preparing them for success both here and now and beyond graduation.

A new kind of platform

Universities want to know: Which of our students will succeed in their coursework, and how can we enhance their opportunity for success? Attendance and performance data (quiz and test scores) give an incomplete picture, at best, as new technologies change the learning experience. Where can universities look for help? The login and download records of a learning management system are a start but are helpless to provide insight after the materials are downloaded.

Enter e-learning platforms, where the bulk of the instruction takes place online. These environments are fully engaged, with developed curricula in multiple modalities, and metrics throughout–metrics tracking not only performance, but activity. And here, all kinds of meaningful data are generated, with predictive power.

Universities are partnering with companies like mine to get access to a whole new suite of tools for tracking and analyzing what happens between the initial login and the final exam.

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