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Challenges in taking higher ed online–and how to address them

A few key principles can help institutions navigate the expansion or implementation of online learning programs

The higher education field has never been more competitive. Today’s institutions are going to extraordinary lengths to keep enrollment levels high, often spending so much money on amenities that some observers have said modern campuses are taking on a “resort-like” feel.

However, new amenities aren’t the approach forward-thinking campus leaders are taking to make their institutions more attractive and competitive. These days, college students expect to have access to sophisticated online-learning programs. By offering courses that can be taken when and where it’s convenient for students (and on the devices of their choice), higher-learning institutions satisfy the needs and desires of today’s digitally minded students.

Even better for schools, expanded online learning can result in significant financial savings. Online education increases efficiency and reduces costs associated with staffing, transportation, hosting, and course creation.

While those benefits are quite profound, institutions must remain cognizant of the very real challenges to negotiate when expanding or implementing online learning programs.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at common missteps to avoid when growing your online offerings.

Online learning challenges

Careful, diligent preparation can help ensure that the creation or expansion of online-learning programs occurs with minimal turbulence. Fortunately for higher-learning institutions growing their online offerings today, we have a long track record of what works and what doesn’t to evaluate before moving forward.

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