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The 5 must-have pillars for campus-wide student success

Student success depends, in part, on an institution's willingness to build supportive programs.

Higher education enrollment rates are experiencing challenges as students, many of whom are nontraditional students, struggle to meet personal, financial and professional demands. But following a few key steps can bolster student success.

With these challenges in mind, higher-ed institutions must be able to invest in student success in order to differentiate their campuses and programs and sway prospective students.

A new resource from D2L offers student support strategies to help institutions improve retention rates, retain nontraditional and first-generation students, use student data to inform decisions, and create student success plans.

Improving Retention Rates

How can institutions keep their students? As the handbook notes, there are costs associated with recruiting to replace students who don’t make it through to graduation.

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Laura Ascione

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