Partnership gives students and career coaches data on career skills needed

Student coaching provider InsideTrack integrates Emsi’s labor market solutions to enhance career services with insights on salary and employment potential.

InsideTrack, a provider of student success coaching for enrollment, retention, and career development recently announced a partnership with labor market analytics company Emsi to integrate career assessments and real-time employment market data across its coaching solutions.

Coaches will now be better able to guide students through the career exploration and development process and equip them with insights on the knowledge and skills that employers demand, as well as salary projections at the regional and local level.

With the majority of college students citing improved career opportunities as their primary reason for pursuing a credential, leading colleges and universities are responding by integrating career exploration and readiness throughout the student lifecycle. For example, career-centric coaching is quickly becoming an integral part of the enrollment process, to support students in making informed decisions on academic programs and prepare them to take full advantage of career development opportunities once enrolled.

The partnership between Emsi and InsideTrack will provide both students and coaches with the labor market data and tools required to make data-driven decisions regarding students’ academic journeys and career paths.

To produce its labor market insights, Emsi, a Career Builder company that has worked with more than 700 colleges since 2001, analyzes data from job postings, CareerBuilder’s database, and other public and government data sources on the labor market to ensure that students have the most accurate information possible and fully understand their future job market. Emsi also offers a variety of assessments and other tools to help students make more informed educational and employment decisions.

“Students attend college to improve their career prospects and our goal is to arm them with the insights and data they need to choose the best pathway for success,” said Bob Hieronymus, vice president of business development at Emsi.  “With their proven track record of using targeted, personalized coaching to guide students to success both in and out of the classroom, InsideTrack is a natural partner for us. We’re bringing together the best of student support and labor market analysis to help students graduate better prepared for long-term success.”

InsideTrack is a member of the nonprofit Strada Education Network. Since 2001, the organization has coached more than 1.5 million students and supported more than 1600 academic programs at four-year universities, community college systems, online institutions and high schools.  In addition to its strong track record of improving enrollment and completion rates, a recent survey of Ivy League professional studies students found that 95 percent agreed that InsideTrack’s career coaching helped them make progress toward their career goals.

“In our efforts to increase the number of students who graduate prepared for choice-filled lives, InsideTrack is committed to using the best tools and data to empower our coaches and the students they support,” said Seth Reynolds, senior director of business development at InsideTrack.  “Emsi’s powerful labor market insights and career assessments greatly enhance our people-powered, data-driven approach to career coaching and our ability to help students select an education pathway based on its alignment with their life goals and the realities of an ever evolving job market.”

InsideTrack coaches in select programs have already begun using Emsi’s solutions in their student success coaching. In the coming months, Emsi will be integrated into additional InsideTrack programs across the country.

Material from a press release was used in this report.

eCampus News Staff