IAM identity access management

6 musts when selecting an A+ identity and access management solution

Here are some pointers to keep in mind while shopping for an IAM solution that’s a fit for students and institutions.

4. Let Teachers Take Control of Tech

Manually provisioning user accounts, making access modifications based on role changes and deprovisioning accounts after a certain retention period are time-consuming and error-prone activities.

Look for an IAM solution that can automate most of these tasks. And for critical tasks that require human intervention, delegating control to teachers and concerned staff to make the required changes or approve requests will add more bandwidth to your IT department.

5. Empower Students with Self-Service 

Most IT issues students face can be remediated by empowering them with self-service. If students forget their passwords, they cannot fully participate in class until their passwords are reset. Also, over time, student information stored in Active Directory could become outdated.

Your IAM solution should have sufficient self-service features to allow students and teachers to manage their passwords and accounts on their own. Self-service for password management, group management, profile updates, etc. can reduce calls to the help desk by a huge margin and ensure that this data is updated regularly. Additionally, the solution should automatically notify users about password expiration and provide options for secure self-reset of passwords from the Windows login screen, Mac login screen, web, or mobile devices.

6. Get a Bird’s-Eye View of All Activities and Maintain Compliance

Security breaches are on the rise. It’s crucial to track all admin and user activities with complete details on who did what and when. Moreover, regulatory authorities require the maintenance of audit records for various network activities.

Your IAM solution should have comprehensive, real-time auditing and alerting functions for Active Directory, Office 365 and other important applications. The IAM system should send real-time alerts for critical events to the concerned authorities. Prepackaged reports for compliance and security management are also a must.

It is important that colleges and universities deploy an IAM solution that has all the capabilities discussed above or upgrade their IAM tool if they already have one. An integrated identity and access management solution will reduce costs, save time and improve the experience of learning and teaching for users.

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