Community colleges fill an important gap in the realm of education. They cater to a broader audience, cost easily a third of what a student would pay at a four-year institution, and they offer a greater degree of flexibility.

Many students that attend community college are working or have family obligations that only allow them to go part-time. Over half of all the students enrolled at community colleges or technical schools are considered to be part-time; the structure of the curriculum allows them that freedom to maintain their lives without putting their dreams on hold.

The most important thing about community colleges, though, is the incredible affordability. The ratio of high socioeconomic status students to low socioeconomic status students at four-year universities is 14:1. Financial barriers shouldn’t stand in the way of anyone who has a desire to learn to be able to do so; and with lower costs, campuses even in rural areas, and the vast opportunities for financial aid assistance, community colleges are the first step in taking down those barriers.

Because of that, OnlineCollegePlan.Com has created a ranking that features the Top 50 Best Online Community Colleges for Financial Aid Assistance. 

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