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New platform will help schools match students with funding for college

ScholarshipUniverse aims to transform the way financial aid offices engage students to address critical funding information and affordability gaps.

CampusLogic, a student financial services platform, recently announced the private beta launch of ScholarshipUniverseSM, a unique technology solution that enables colleges and universities to match prospective students with scholarships and manage applications, review, and awarding—all in an easy-to-use, mobile experience.

Rooted in an adaptive matching engineSM, ScholarshipUniverse provides students and families with one source for both institutional and vetted external scholarships. The launch stems from an ongoing partnership between CampusLogic and the University of Arizona. In addition to UA, Oregon State University and three additional institutions are among the first to join the beta network as advisory partners for ScholarshipUniverse.

First rolled out on the University of Arizona campus, over 70 percent of prospective UA students have used ScholarshipUniverse to identify scholarship opportunities. “Before ScholarshipUniverse there was no streamlined place for students to find scholarships. That had to change,” said Rebekah Salcedo, director of Scholarships and Financial Aid at the University of Arizona. “With ScholarshipUniverse, we’re improving accessibility to education, reducing the amount some UA students owe, and providing the best student experience.”

According to the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, nearly one in three high-achieving, low-income students are discouraged from applying to college due to the cost of college. And for low-income students accepted to college, nearly 40 percent do not enroll because of the complexity of the financial aid process.

“When institutions create transparency into funding opportunities for students, they help to build college going aspirations, and ease both financial burden and confusion,” says Chris Chumley, chief operating officer for CampusLogic. “ScholarshipUniverse will help schools increase the utilization of scholarships to address critical equity and access challenges in higher education.”

ScholarshipUniverse is now part of the CampusLogic Student Financial Services platform, and includes the following the unique features:

  • The Only Single Source for Institutional and Vetted External Scholarships: Unlike traditional scholarship websites, ScholarshipUniverse incorporates both institutional scholarships and vetted external scholarships. By combining both into one source, students get a greater number of tailored funding opportunities. In addition, external scholarships are vetted to help students avoid questionable scholarships and outright scams.
  • Adaptive Matching Engine: Today, students can search millions of scholarships by keyword or fill out long forms which typically fail to deliver relevant results. ScholarshipUniverse utilizes an adaptive matching engine to guide students through questions tailored based on their unique goals and feedback. This ensures a highly relevant and targeted list of scholarships for each student.
  • Integrated into the Only Student Financial Services Platform: ScholarshipUniverse engages the student in the scholarship process across the entire student finance journey.

-Prospective students will be able to use the scholarship-matching engine to see additional opportunities they may receive while getting net price estimates from ClearCostSM, our net price calculator.

-Students can review their financial aid awards in AwardLetterSM and find additional funding opportunities to help fill funding gaps by linking directly to ScholarshipUniverse.

-Students can be reminded to look for scholarships as they complete their financial aid paperwork in StudentFormsSM.

-Financial aid staff can analyze fund performance, applicant volume, and processing metrics using ScholarshipUniverse data in CampusMetricsSM.

Release of the full product is expected to be completed in spring 2018. To learn more, visit

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Material from a press release was used in this report.

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