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Reuters: These are the world’s 100 most innovative universities

A Reuters ranking identifies which innovative universities are paving the way.

Stanford University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University top an annual ranking of the world’s most innovative universities.

The third annual Reuters Top 100 identifies and ranks higher-ed institutions that have the biggest impact on science advancement, new technologies, and that power new markets and industries. The ranking is compiled in partnership with Clarivate Analytics and is based on a variety of indicators, including patent filings and research paper citations.

Stanford University claims the top spot on the list for the third time in a row, and the university, as noted in the rankings, has played a critical role in modern networking capabilities and is a prolific producer of original research and technology. A Stanford professor designed the basic communication standard for the internet, and university alumni founded some of the biggest tech companies in the world, including Google, Intel, Hewlett-Packard and Netflix.

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Laura Ascione