college orientation

Fascinating: Can college orientation predict a student’s experience?

New survey data says college orientation influences a student's perception of their overall college experience.

Students’ college orientation experience plays a significant role in how they perceive their overall higher-ed experience, according to new survey data.

According to the survey, students who had a positive experience with college orientation were 17 percent more likely to report a positive student life experience. Students with a poor orientation experience were 71 percent more likely to report grades of C or lower.

The survey, which explores student life on campus, was conducted by OOHLALA Mobile, a higher-ed company that partners with colleges and universities to develop custom mobile apps to improve engagement and retention.

The impact of college orientation also raises important questions for universities serving part-time students: more than twice as many part-time students (25 percent) did not participate in orientation, compared to full-time students (9.5 percent).

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Laura Ascione