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America’s 20 most innovative colleges for adult learners

For the second year in a row, the Washington Monthly ranked the best two- and four-year colleges for adult learners.

The Top 10 Four-Year Colleges

1. Golden Gate University-San Francisco (CA)

2. University of Utah

3. Concordia University-St. Paul (MN)

4. Park University (MO)

5. George Mason University (VA)

6. Bellevue University (NE)

7. Indiana Wesleyan University

8. University of Oklahoma-Norman

9. Marylhurst University (OR)

10. University of North Dakota

Of interest in these findings, Bellevue University in Nebraska falls into the “unranked” category on the U.S. News rankings but is No. 6 on the Washington Monthly adult learners list. The university does well on a host of metrics, notes the publication, including how much its students earn annually 10 years after entering ($61,406) and the share of students-82 percent-who are adults.

More Findings

Per this year’s report, the Washington Monthly‘s methodology also revealed that:

  • The majority of Washington Monthly‘s top 20 are public institutions, including University of California-San Diego, Texas A&M University, and University of Washington-Seattle.
  • Although a few elite schools, such as Stanford University, top the Washington Monthly list, others underperform. Columbia University, California Institute of Technology, and Washington University in St. Louis come in 16th, 92th, and 107th in the Washington Monthly rankings.
  • Berea College, ranked 60th on U.S. News‘ list of liberal arts colleges, comes in 1st in the Washington Monthly.

The 2017 College Guide also includes an updated “Best Bang for the Buck” ranking of institutions that are doing the best job of helping non-wealthy students attain marketable degrees at affordable prices.

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