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America’s 20 most innovative colleges for adult learners

For the second year in a row, the Washington Monthly ranked the best two- and four-year colleges for adult learners.

The Washington Monthly recently released its annual College Guide and Rankings, an increasingly influential alternative to U.S. News & World Report‘s much-criticized rankings. The Guide also features America’s 12 most innovative colleges for adult learners.

According to Washington Monthly’s Editor-in-Chief, Paul Glastris, the Washington Monthly “measures colleges and universities based on what they are doing for the country–by improving social mobility, producing research, and promoting public service.”

For the second year in a row, the publication ranked the best two- and four-year colleges for adult learners. “The share of college students who are 25 years old or older is around 40 percent,” says Paul Glastris in a statement. “But most colleges haven’t adapted. For example, they still schedule most classes around midday, which is convenient for late-night-partying undergrads, rather than at nights and on weekends, when adults with jobs and families can actually attend them.”

To put together its ranking of the best four- and two-year colleges for adult learners, the magazine compiled data into seven general measures of colleges’ openness and responsiveness to adult students, such as the availability of weekend, evening, and online classes that fit busy work schedules.

The Top 10 Two-Year Colleges

1. Weber State University (UT)

2. Utah Valley University (UT)

3. Foothill College (CA)

4. Central Texas College (TX)

5. Raritan Valley Community College (NJ)

6. Columbia College (MO)

7. Howard Community College (MD)

8. Renton Technical College (WA)

9. Montgomery College (MD)

10. Capital Community College (CT)

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