More than two-thirds of college deans in a recent survey said that in just 10 years, they believe higher education institutions will be markedly different from how they are today.

The survey from 2U, Inc. and the Academy for Innovative Higher Education Leadership aims to assess more than 100 college deans’ views on innovation in higher education.

“The deans are confident about the future of the U.S. higher education system but less so about the ability of traditional institutions to adapt to what’s coming,” said Jeffrey J. Selingo, founding director of the Academy for Innovative Higher Education Leadership and author of the study. “They don’t think their institutions are moving quickly enough to change their business model and their teaching practices to relate to a new generation of students.”

College deans said they feel confident in the U.S. higher education system and its standing in the world, and most feel confident in its ability to maintain a leadership position over time, according to the survey. They also feel that their institutions will be different in the future.

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