Texas sustainability

New partnership aims to improve Texas higher ed tech, sustainability

Partnership will help ICUT members improve aging infrastructure.

Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas (ICUT) is partnering with Johnson Controls to assess and evaluate campus-wide infrastructure needs for more than 40 member institution campuses. Through this collaboration, ICUT and Johnson Controls are helping members make campuses safer, smarter and more sustainable.

“We are excited about the opportunities this partnership provides for our members,” said Ray Martinez, ICUT’s President. “This means better access to valuable information about planning facility upgrades, ultra-efficient campus technologies, and programs and tools that make it all possible.”

With a long history of completing more than 3,000 major infrastructure projects in North America, Johnson Controls will provide ICUT members with an array of professional services and training on issues relating to improving aging infrastructure. Members will learn about topics like environmental and energy management programs, campus security, smart technology, and the use of renewables.

“The needs of colleges and universities are shifting to focus on reducing the operational costs of aging buildings and systems,” said Larry Jones, account executive and Performance InfrastructureTM expert at Johnson Controls. “Planning for advancements in technology, security and energy independence is crucial for not only reducing utility costs and improving campus safety and resilience, but also for attracting and retaining students.”

In the past five years, Johnson Controls has invested $15 million in infrastructure renewal programs for higher education institutions nationwide to transform campuses and engage students through experiential learning.

To learn more about how Johnson Controls is helping to improve higher education, go to johnsoncontrols.com/higher-education.

eCampus News Staff