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Digital textbook rental for students just got an upgrade

Pay-as-you-go weekly textbook startup to offer select McGraw-Hill Education titles at $15 per week.

iFlipd, the first pay-as-you-go weekly textbook rental platform, has teamed up with McGraw-Hill Education, the learning science company, to allow students to rent select McGraw-Hill Education titles in both print and eBook formats for just $15 a week.  After eight weeks, students are given the option either to own the book or to earn a $50 rebate.

“We’ve spent a lot of time listening to students throughout the country, and understand their need for affordability and choice when it comes to course materials,” said Mark Dorman, president of Higher Education, Professional & International. “We’re excited to be working with iFlipd, as well as other channel partners, to expand the options students have for easily and affordably accessing high-quality McGraw-Hill Education materials to support their success.”

Every rental includes an eBook (accessed immediately on iFlipd) as well as a printed and bound book, if the student desires it.

How does it work for the student?

  • If you rent an eBook for at least eight weeks and don’t order the print book, you will continue to have access to the eBook, plus receive a $50 rebate.
  • If you rent both the eBook and the print book for at least eight weeks, you will continue to have access to the eBook and own the print book.
  • If you return the print book to McGraw-Hill Education, you’ll receive a $50 rebate.

“McGraw-Hill Education continues to innovate in higher education, and this new program makes access to textbooks a lot easier for students,” said Kati Radziwon, iFlipd CEO and founder. “iFlipd also provides greater flexibility for students by offering both a print and ebook for one low weekly price.”

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, iFlipd is a weekly rental platform that allows students to pay for the weeks that they need the textbooks and return them when they are done. In addition to the special $15 per week offer on select titles, all other McGraw-Hill Education print titles will be available for regular rental as part of iFlipd’s weekly model.

To learn more about the pilot program, please visit:

An example of the eBook+Print Access is available here.

Material from a press release was used in this report.

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