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13 strategic technologies to keep on your fall semester radar

Institutions are focused on strategic technologies that help support student success and other initiatives

Technologies for planning and mapping students’ educational plans, along with mobile app development, are among the top strategic technologies covered in EDUCAUSE’s 2017 Integrated Planning for Advising and Student Success (iPASS) trends and technologies report.

The report examines higher ed’s top strategic technology priorities. Strategic technologies are newer compared to mature and commonly-deployed technologies such as financial information systems, and these newer technologies are the technologies on which institutions will likely spend most of their time implementing, planning, and tracking this year.

None of the 13 iPASS technologies in the report are currently in place in more than 30 percent of institutions, according to the report.

Student success has for the first time risen to the top 10 issues included in the annual survey of strategic technologies, due in part to a nationwide urgency to address the too-high levels of students who leave their institution without obtaining degrees or certifications.

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Laura Ascione

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